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          Manufacturing.gif           Tool making

                           When engineering parts, our service include: 

       1) Product design, 
       2) Solid parts modeling, 
       3) Material selecting, 
       4) Mold design, 
       5) Sample tool ( soft tool for prototype)
       6) Production tool 
       7) Parts production.

Our skilled Engineers using CAD tools for Product and tool design. 
     Design-01.jpg  CAD-CAMs.gif  
Customer may send their drawing to us by either FAX or by E-MAIL attachment (attachment can be DXF, DWG, IGES, VDA, SAT, STL... , or other in formats such as , jpg, bmp, gif, etc ).

       Example 1.  : 3-D design for watch piece.          Example 2.  Mold insert simulation
       main2001.jpg                       mold-insert.gif  


Molds are build according to customers' requirement.  Molds will be crated for export or keep in factory for production.

       mold-step1.jpg    mold-step2.jpg    mold-step3.jpg


       moldpic-2.jpg                        043-1191.jpg (8188 bytes)

       Mold Tooling                                                                  Products from mold.


       Mold for watch

Most of our tool are using harden steel alloy,  with mold insert hardened to be 52 to 58 HRC,
in some case 60 to 64 HRC.