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LED lighting and other application solutions

We design and build application for different LED application:

Lighting Application examples:

LED-Halogen-PCB.jpg              LED-3W-PCB.jpg
Replace 12V halogen bulb with                A 3 Watt module for driving LED
LED driver

Above multifunction board for decoration or stage.

Customer design or special requirement available, from small power to high watt application.  Application can be from portable flashlight, home lighting to night surveilance.  Visiable or infrared LED available.  Please contact us for your new idea.

Remote control, security code transmitter/receiver

We design and build remote control for different application:

Car alarm examples:
Electronic-transmitter-01.gif          Electronic-receiver-01.gif         
     Key Chain type transmitter                           5cm x 5 cm receiver module.

Electronic-transmitter-shell-01.gif       Electronic-transmitter-shell-02.gif
       Many trnasmitter and receiver shell available.  Customer design welcome!

 Other design service such as PCB layout and module design:

We design and build remote customer with different application:

PCB design and layout

Electronic-module-02.gif   Electronic-module-01.gif

Prototype or pre-production modules build per customer requirement.

 Other Production design:

We also handle design and production for A/V products such as MP3, MP4, CD-player.